Business Engineer @ Meta ➤

Owned Health vertical for growth and platform success, recognized on 2022 Q4, 2023 Q1 earnings calls for success (second largest growth area), co-built US program to optimize dynamic ads (AI for product catalogs), founding member of Reels program, owned technical growth for signals for 1/3rd of US, extensive work in prompt engineering and LLM development for internal usage

Chief of Artificial Intelligence @ Portfolio ➤

Worked on humanizing financial data and making it accessible to everyone through GPT3 to eliminate vernacular barriers, stock picking recommendations

Software Engineer @ Google ➤

Worked on Ads team leveraging human capital and machine learning to show appropriate Ads Built data pipelining and cleaning for AI

Software Engineer @ Gimbal (Infillion) ➤

Built microservices to support system architecture and designed algorithms for analyzing consumer data Worked with massive data (2+ Billion events per month, >3 million requests per second, several petabytes). Used druid, Kubernetes, java, python, kotlin, CI/CD, in high performance production environments to map GPS pings and discover trends

Software Architect @ Mutual Securities ➤

Designed system to sort through 1,000+ entries by custom heuristic fits and provide recommendations to 100+ clients facilitating > 2B in transactions and > 50% increase in profits

Programmer @ Kirkland Messina ➤

Architect for a large-scale automation project. Coded a python program that could run autonomously and self-correcting on server involving scraping and arbitrage.


Head of Investor Relations @ Portfolio Insider ➤

Worked on venture capital and investor relations, attempting to raise unicorn size round at 20x P/E

Software Architect @ Mutual Securities ➤

Helped auto-generate personalized portfolio recommendations and highlight rich/cheap analysis for fixed income facilitating > 2B in transactions and > 50% increase in profits

Programmer @ Kirkland Messina ➤

Automated game theory to optimize pricing strategy and minimize operational expenses


University of Southern California

Viterbi School of Engineering ➤

August 2015 - December 2018

Major: Computer Science/Business Administration ➤

Finance GPA: 3.52

Coding GPA: 3.48